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First off! You're getting married! Congratulations
If the information you find here on the site connects with you - I'd love to hear about the both of you and you can send me a message in the form at the bottom of every page.
It's a simple proposition.
You can have the best of laid back acoustic covers from favourites like James Taylor, Jack Johnson, Simon Garfunkel, John Mayer, Bon Iver - with an upward trajectory throughout the day toward full on inclusive Dance Floor Silliness with Crowd Favourites to finish off the celebration.

I've been playing music since I was 5 - the most pivotal moment was when my sister in law taught me 'A thousand Miles' on the Piano! I quickly knew I was pretty good at this. Now; I've been playing live for over 20 years - focussing on weddings for the past 7 years in SEQ and Tasmania. Outside of work I'm a father of three girls and married to my beautiful wife Ainsley; she is also my handy dandy administrator. I'm an avid outdoorsman on the rare free weekend I get - from MTBing to kitesurfing - anything outside and adventurous I'm there.

Music is powerful in meaningful moments - it sets the scene, fills the space and makes the butterflies in your gut find their way into a smile into your lovers eyes. Music is also the vehicle to get your normally quiet friend from uni to share his signature dance moves with all of your 85 guests despite how it damages his clothing. That's why I love it! 

What an average wedding day looks like for me 
3pm Ceremony - Lives Tunes
4-5:30pm Canapés on the Lawn - Live Tunes
5:45pm Reception Entrance - DJ an epic entrance song
6pm Dinner course begins - live tunes (less romantic songs - more upbeat - not too upbeat- people need to eat :)
7:45pm First Dance - Live or DJ
8 -10:30pm DJ Dance Time!

I'd love to hear from you and see I how can join your vendor crew for your wedding day.


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 He was so well prepared, I️ didn’t have to worry about a thing except telling him which song to play for the wedding march - and even that, he made unique and beautiful.  He’s also a super fun person so we are so glad he was such a big part of our day!

Scott & Sarah Dinsdale

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