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The global pandemic COVID 19 has created some unique challenges for couples trying to plan weddings and the wedding industry. In light of this I wanted to provide some answers to FAQ that I have been receiving over the past 6 months for new couples.

What happens if I have to cancel my Wedding due to COVID restrictions?

In the event that restrictions become so cumbersome that numbers are extremely limited etc. I work with you to find an alternative date. Best advice is to work with all of your vendors (not just the venue) to find an alternative date. There is no financial penalty for moving your date - your deposit is simply used to hold your booking against the new date.

What if you are already booked for the new date we select - is my booking fee refundable?

This is the tricky one. And in the interest of transparency this is all about the context surrounding the decision to change date. Here are two examples that will help to clarify what might happen in this instance. Example 1. A couples wedding was in the midst of April COVID craziness and weddings were reduced from 50 attendees down to 10!!!! Very disappointing for the couple. They attempted to move the date however after some back and forth we couldn't find a date that worked for the venue and myself due to prior bookings. In this instance - Government restrictions made the event unrecognisable! And as such I gave this couple a refund. Example 2. A couple has decided to move their wedding due to the closure of the NSW border and dance floors. They're still able to have many attendees but they wanted their wedding to be perfect - they decided to cancel all together. Unfortunately in this instance their booking fee was not refundable. Nonetheless - if they decided to have a wedding in the future; their booking fee would still be able to be held against their wedding date. To summarise - they were able to have 100 people attend and as such they could've had a reasonably 'normal' wedding. The spirit of this policy is that I will always be fair and reasonable. 

What if I still can't have a dance floor but I've booked you for the DJ package as well?

Great question! Firstly, I have still DJ'd many  weddings without the dance floor and had alot of fun playing sing alongs like horses etc.  Having somebody specifically picking songs to suit your guests is still a worthwhile choice. I have two alternative options that help in this instance - the first is that you can decide to reduce the length of your wedding package without penalty. For example if you've booked the 8 hour day - you can reduce to the 6 hour package and remove the DJ package. And simply use the venues overhead speakers for a spotify playlist. I will say - not always as fun :).

If you have any other questions please enquire within. These are the most common that I receive 

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