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Live Music & DJ Packages

Let's keep it simple
you've probably never booked live music before and you probably never will again.
That's the truth.
So here's how it works.
When you book me for your wedding I usually cover the whole day.
Problem solved!
Somewhere between 6-8 hours generally.
During this time I'll sing live through the ceremony and canapes'.
Really setting the relaxed vibes in whatever beautiful venue you've chosen. 
Then into your chosen place of reception for dinner and drinks.
More chilled tunes over dinner.
Let everyone catch up
Get a little looser
Ties, top buttons and shoes start to come off
and we've got our trajectory set
Once dinner is complete - we're all ready to get the dance floor going
I happen to be a master of Live Music annnnnd the Decks.
Ask anyone whose seen me do it.... I make dance floors happen
for young and old
The point being - I handle the music for your entire wedding day
Other than a power point - I do it all.
I have packages ranging from 3 hours - 9 hours
So jump on down to the enquiry form and let's chat
So we don't waste each others time here's a quick price guide
My average couple pays between $2200-$2600 for an all day package
If you only want me to slay the dance floor DJing it's between $1600-1900 but these are much shorter packages usually 
Hope that helps
If it's too much just hit up your rich Auntie to contribute and tell her I'll play some Abba for her :)


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